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Peer Impact Network (PIN) celebrates uniqueness of every individual at HKU and connect all students to break down barriers, promote social inclusion alongside CEDARS-CoPE to cultivate an inclusive community on campus and beyond. 

Connection is Inclusion

With our motto “Connection is Inclusion”, we strongly believe that connection is the key to fostering an inclusive and supportive community. We empower Peer Supporters to connect and support fellow HKU students. By strengthening and sustaining these connections, we will nurture supportive networks and create an inclusive community at HKU and beyond.  

peer power

Peer Power

Peer support is a powerful tool that can significantly impact individuals facing various challenges in university life. The unique aspect of peer support lies in the shared experiences and empathy that peers can offer to one another. Whether it's university adjustment, academic hurdles, or personal struggles, having someone who can relate provides unparalleled support. Peer support also cultivates a safe and non-judgmental space where students can openly share, seek advice, and receive encouragement. Such connection not only reduces isolation and loneliness, but also enhances well-being, and promotes personal growth. Peers inspire and motivate each other, sharing success stories and strategies for overcoming obstacles. Through peer support, students are empowered with resilience and confidence to navigate their university journey with ease.

Fostering Inclusivity at HKU:
Cultural Integration, Mental Health, and SEN Awareness

CEDARS-CoPE prioritises Cultural Integration, Mental Health, and SEN Awareness as these areas are closely related to every student. All students may inevitably experience/struggle with university adjustment, mental well-being and social connections. Mutual understanding and support are crucial in overcoming these hurdles for a fruitful university life. 

Cultural Integration

Connecting people of various backgrounds, achieving mutual respect between different groups and assimilation by demolishing language barriers.

Mental Health

Normalising and destigmatising mental health conditions, acknowledging different lived experiences with compassion.

SEN Awareness

Recognising the uniqueness of human potential and gaining new perspectives on disabilities and special educational needs (SEN).

Programme Highlights


Training Opportunities

We offer complimentary training opportunities on a recurrent basis to empower Peer Supporters to put values into actions - from building fundamental knowledge of social inclusion, understanding diverse needs and lived experiences, all the way to practical application skills in supporting peers and breaking barriers.

Building fundamental knowledge 
(Orientation Day)

  • Core values of social inclusion 

  • Understanding social barriers 

  • Impact of stigmatisation in the society 

Service Opportunities

The role of Peer Supporters is multifaceted, encompassing both the roles of a companion and an advocate, to embody social inclusion through various service opportunities. 

You can be a companion by serving as:  

You can be an advocate by initiating:  

  • Awareness raising campaigns 

  • New activities/ support services 

  • And more! 

Be a Peer Supporter!

Participate in a transformative experience where you build up an inclusive mindset, connect with like-minded peers and gain a sense of fulfilment by supporting others!  

We are looking for current HKU students who are: 

  • Passionate about building connections; 

  • Eager to enhance knowledge on diversity awareness; 

  • Willing to commit time for training and services 


Complete the online application form by 12:00 noon, 19 January 2024 (Friday). Applications will be reviewed once received. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend an online interview starting from 15 January 2024 (Monday). 



Commitment Requirements 


To maintain an active status, you are required to: 


1. Attend the Orientation on 27 January 2024 (Saturday); 

2. Sign up for at least one service opportunity available this semester; 

3. Attend the New Year Gathering on 23 February (Friday) evening; 

4. Attend the evaluation session on 19 April 2024 (Friday) evening (Exact time and venue to be confirmed) 

Reward and Recognition 

We value your engagement and continuous development. By joining PIN, you will be given: 

  • Ongoing support and guidance from professionals at CEDARS-CoPE 

  • A range of complimentary training to enhance your understanding of people with diverse needs and your practical helping skills 

  • Membership of an impact network in which you work with peers of a shared vision to strive for an inclusive campus 

  • A “Certificate of Recognition” will be awarded to students who fulfil ALL the commitment requirements AND complete corresponding training packages as a validation of their contribution and practical skill level 

  • CEDARS reward points (please visit CEDARS Reward Scheme for details) 

Important Dates

(2nd semester, 2023-24)

Contact Us


Room 301-323, 3/F, Main Building,
The University of Hong Kong


3917 8388



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